Greetings all and welcome to the Gamer Gloves Blog Space.

I am David Nelson, your social media manager and common contact across internet platforms. Here I will be updating you all on what is going on with gamer gloves as far as major news, products, and promotions. I will also be using the space as an opportunity to comment on the gaming industry, esports, and other industries we are involved in with editorial content and opinion pieces as time allows. As I have a background in gaming journalism and reviews, and there has been some interest in my impressions of games, as they release I will occasionally publish some first impressions on new products and commentary on projects I think are worthy of discussion.

As always Gamer Gloves aims to be a company immersed in the communities we sell our products to. We encourage lively discussion and respectful debate on any and all issues or opinions raised on this blog or any of our other social media platforms. Please feel free to engage us at any time through our website, Facebook, twitter, instagram, Youtube, or any forthcoming platform you find us on.

I look forward to providing unique and useful content for all to consider in this exciting hobby which binds us together.

-David D. Nelson
Gamer Gloves Social Media