Raging For Autism Charity Stream March 30th


Congratulations to friends @S4disticJoker and @Wickedrage for their 3rd annual 24 hour Autism charity stream becoming an official National Autism Association gaming chapter. We are pleased to assist in Sponsoring this years #RagingForAutism event, which now has its own official Twitter handle where you can stay informed @RagingForAutism. Prizes including Gamer Gloves will be given out during the stream on March 30th to recognize Autism Awareness Month and we will be keeping up to date with relevant information on a way of life worthy of all our attention. All proceeds from both donations and products bought with the advertised code will go to The National Autism Association @NationalAutism #twitter #gaming #streams #socialmedia #autism #nationalautism #gam3rglov3s #autismawarenessmonth #streaming #videogames #gloves #charity

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