An Eventful Weekend For GG Team Partners

DreamHack was hoppin' in Atlanta, Georgia and our friends at Apotheon esports were on the scene to fire things up with the H1Z1 King of the Kill competition. With a number of players in the solo qualifiers and a shot at the team qualifier they made a solid showing on the scene and we thank them for repping Gamer Gloves on the floor and during the competition while also providing media for us to use while we followed the action. Players like (twitter names) @Jutterbutter, @AES_Somef4tkid, and @therealreth1nk and @D4ark_Anak1n were shining.

Hound esports folded two epic wins into their portfolio in the world of LAN. The first came via @Talkey_Malkey and the @BattlefieldGG LAN event. Congrats to him. The second was a nail biter of a strategy battle by a very focused @Vikingcat91 against the world in the Total War Warhammer Cup #11, beating a 3rd place curse to a pulp!

I had a chance to tweet with a whole bunch of folks over the weekend and it was a pleasure engaging you all. We will have some more media incoming and don't forget to check our Facebook page to get in on our Amazon discount for July before it, and the month, expires.