Major July Deal For Facebook Friends!


Salutations Gamers,

We have run headlong into the summer drought and Gamer Gloves has decided to use it as an opportunity for some serious community outreach. If you have not yet liked us on Facebook NOW. IS. THE. TIME. We will be running a promotion in July strictly for our Facebook friends in partnership with Amazon to give you all an unbelievably fantastic deal in hopes of receiving unprecedented feedback from our customers. We hope to use this feedback to further perfect our product and services for the upcoming season and beyond.

This will be a great big push and we really need everyone to throw in their support so trust me when I say that when we unveil this deal you will be pleased. July is just around the corner and Gamer Gloves has got you covered. We will have you hammering away at those summer tournaments and backlogs in no time, just you wait. But don't wait to hit up and smack the "Like" button!