Gamer Gloves, LLC is an Internet retail business that launched in June of 2012. The online website can be found at the domain name This domain name is owned by Gamer Gloves, LLC. The base of operation is located at 12700 Anderson Lakes Parkway, Eden Prairie MN, 55344. We currently sell top quality gloves designed to enhance the experience and consistency of a persons lifestyle. Customers will include people of all income levels due to their affordable cost.

Long Description

With the amount of video games being played throughout the world, we believed there was an opportunity to enhance the user experience by creating gloves that wick away moisture, maintain blood flow and provide grip in critical areas as well as situations. Who cares right? Well, if you're one of the 90% that lose grip and/or focus due to hot/sweaty or cold hands when gaming, then you may want to consider. 

GAM3R GLOV3S is believed to have the first mover advantage in an industry growing at an exponential rate. Within the next 5 years, video game tournaments will be televised just as much as the sports we watch everyday.

Why would gloves be "needed" for the casual/hardcore GAM3R? 

For the casual GAM3R, one could argue that casuals game mainly to unwind and/or relieve the stressors incurred throughout their day. They may actually switch in to “hardcore” mode when playing online or against friends but that comes down to situational awareness and will provide a solution to that below. Basically, a casual GAM3R games mainly to relieve stress so why have a little stressor when doing something to relieve it? 

As for the hardcore's, this is an entirely different breed of GAM3R. Their focus is more so on consistency maintenance and precision as that will most likely result in victories. The slightest, millisecond slip-up could cost competitors not only bragging rights/dignity, but also very large amounts of cash. No one wants that. After strategically analyzing these disturbances over the years, GAM3R GLOV3S were born. 

If there is still some unrealistic skepticism, we use are hands just as much as we use our feet yet, we wear shoes for almost everything. How much is the 1st ever Nike shoe that was made worth today? A lot. If the products ability to provide stress free comfort when gaming is still in question, then look at it as a small investment to something that could very well someday be comparable to the 1st Nike shoe. 

Who for? : Anyone who appreciates stylish comfort.
What is it? : GAM3R GLOV3S
Where can I buy them? :
When should I buy them? : Yesterday
Why necessary? : Because you win and everyone likes to win.

Joey Hamburger