There's no stopping our news from getting out now with the big Black Friday here folks. We would like to thank our partners for keeping the lid on things while we toiled away, a few pieces of the media puzzle are still coming together but with units out there already we decided to get ahead of things and announce today. The team at Gamer Gloves is proud to present our Holiday surprise to you: the Gamer Glove Version 2.5!

Taking into account all your feedback we have reworked our glove top to bottom for a better fit and superior product on all fronts. A new panel of our flexible material fits between fingers to slim up the model and further achieve the second skin goal.

We have made the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger touchscreen compatible while shedding the grips on the palms and last two fingers to streamline the model while we refocus the grip on plastination of our grip dots, which embrace plastic like suction cups.

We have also bulked up on wrist support this time around. The new calculations made to create a better fit and feel now mean our gloves no longer "run small." Just consult the guide and you should be fine, but as usual we are at your service to make your Gamer Gloves Version 2.5 experience a perfect fit.

This project was not a foregone conclusion. It took the vision and work of GG making our product better sooner by listening to customer feedback.

More media on the V2.5 to come but while we can show you the features we really want to emphasize you can't feel the difference until you feel it yourself. Watch this space.

Thank you
-Team Gamer Gloves