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    The Gamer Gloves are an overall gamer style that keep your hands from sweating on the controller, allowing you to maintain the ultimate control. Gamer Gloves are here to help all gamers play to their fullest potential. Sports teams provide the most up to date equipment to their players to allow them to perform at their highest possible level. We are trying to do the same thing, but in the gaming industry and with eSports. Would you play wide receiver without your gloves? Would you play goalie without your gloves? Would you bat without your gloves? If you answered no to these, then why would you ever game without your gloves?

    The Problem:
    You spend long hours playing video games to increase your skills, allowing yourself to step-it-up to the next level. As time goes by, your hands begin to generate heat and you sweat on your controller or mouse. The sweat build up on your controller and mouse and will cause your hands to lose traction and control over your gaming. This can even cause you to slip your thumb off the analog stick, causing you to make mistakes. Conversely, gaming in cold conditions or with cold hands limit movement and can hinder your gaming. Your hand is your biggest asset when it comes to being a successful gamer. Why not limit your problems, and enhance your gaming?

    The Solution:
    Gamer Gloves keep hands at an even temperature with our Temperature Control Technology, allowing you to play with full control. Moisture Wicking Material will keep moisture inside the glove and off the controller, allowing you to maintain the ultimate control. The GG Patent-pending palm grips and finger grips assist in holding the controller to make sure it does not shift or slide in your hands. The thumb grips also helps ensure that you do not miss a beat when making concise movements on the analog sticks. GG would help you reach your true potential. Step up your game now! Gamer Gloves are more than just gloves. It’s a belief. An Attitude. A Lifestyle. It’s GG.

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    Version 1

    The Gamer Gloves are a snug, form fitting and breathable glove that allows you to maintain the ultimate control over your gaming by offering strong grips.

    The material of the glove was designed so you can play in cool and warm temperatures. The glove is designed so any sweat built up will remain off of the controller, which normally causes the controller to slip and slide in your hands.

    We are sure you have come home from being outside and jumped right on a game without warming up first. You know that feeling! Your fingers are stiff and don’t move well. The glove will keep some heat in to warm your hands to allow your movements and reaction time to be ideal for gaming.

    The thumb grip allows all gamers to make very precise movements of the analog stick to ensure that you play to the best of your ability. Overall, the gloves will offer you comfort, intense control, and can be used for different styles of gaming. It’s time to take your GAM3 to the next level.

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    Level 2

    The Gamer Gloves were created for Gamers to provide comfort, intense control, and be used for different styles of games, sports and everyday use.

    - Designed to be a second skin and form fitting.
    - Interior seam stitching prevents snagging.
    - Absorbs sweat built up, so the user can retain full grip control.
    - NEW! Tactile precision grips
    - NEW! Smart touch technology for touch screen devices

    The thumb grip allows all gamers to make very precise movements on the video game controller’s analog stick that ensures they play to the best of your ability.

    Ultra-thin strap with hook-and-loop closure provides comfort and adjustability.

    Launderable without loosing gloves featured integrity.

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